Taking an Azamara cruise through Western Europe is like a greatest hits package of everything you could ever want in a vacation: classic architecture and art, UNESCO World Heritage sites and historical landmarks, seaside resorts and villages, quaint towns and canals, and fabled wine regions paired with food, glorious food. And that’s only on day one. Think of what we’ll have in store for you on days two, three, and more in such countries as Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

And if you’ve already visited before and are thinking “been there, done that,” well, think again, because we’ve been here, there, and everywhere in Western Europe! We know all the hidden gems of the destinations we visit, plus we spend longer time in port than any other cruise line, so you can experience more of this region than ever before. In fact, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself planning a return voyage with us to Western Europe, before you’re even disembarked.

Discover travel's greatest hits


  • Find out why Bordeaux holds the number one spot on our list of Ten Cruises for Wine Lovers and sip, swirl, and sample your way through the historic city center.
  • Discover over 6,000 years of art, antiquities, sculptures, and history at Berlin’s Museum Island, with its five museums, cathedral, and gardens built in the middle of the River Spree.
  • Be enchanted by Bruges and its charming cafés, quiet canals, and graceful swans (which surely began as ugly ducklings before the magic of this city transformed them).


  • Explore Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, followed by a stroll across the Vizcaya Bridge, one of the most outstanding architectural constructions of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Step into Rembrandt’s The Night Watch with an Organ Concert in Monnickendam, a surreal evening of music and art, where actors in full costume replicate the action of this monumental painting.
  • Visit Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp’s central train station) and see why it’s often listed as one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.


  • Sample the award-winning wine from Lanzarote in the exotic Canary Islands, where the one-of-a-kind terroir is influenced by the jet black, volcanic soil.
  • Expand your palate and be open to new things by trying Porto’s signature dish: tripe. (And while you’re at it, you’ll learn why the locals are called tripeiros.)
  • Enjoy warm Dutch hospitality and feel At Home in Historic Edam on an Insider AccessSM tour that will take you on a guided walk complete with coffee and apple pie at an historic house.

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