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Dante (more on him later) once described Ravenna’s magnificent gold, emerald, and sapphire artwork as a “symphony of color”, and that description still stands today. Dubbed “The Mosaic City”, Ravenna is best known for its churches, which date back 1,500 years and are decorated with stunning, multicolored Byzantine mosaics.

Between the years of 402 and 476, Ravenna enjoyed a brief stint as the capital of the Western Roman Empire. During this time, the city served as a kind of living art studio for Byzantine craftsmen, who graced its Christian churches with their mosaics in brilliant hues. Check out the Basilica San Vitale, Mausoleo di Galla Placidia, Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, and Battistero degli Ariani to see some spectacular examples.

Back to Dante: In Ravenna, you can visit his tomb, as well as the pile of rubble where locals hid his urn during the Second World War to keep it safe. The Museo Dantesco is located next to the tomb and is a must-see for anyone who has read the Divine Comedy.

Tour the grounds of the Azienda Agricola Vignato Virgilio winery then reward yourself for a day of sightseeing with a glass of crisp gambellara or a rich cabernet. Cin cin!

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Mausoleum Of Galla Placidia

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Mausoleum Of Galla Placidia

Mausoleum Of Galla Placidia

Visit the mausoleum to see the stunning mosaics that UNESCO has called “artistically perfect”. Stay to discover the sarcophagi of Aelia Galla Placidia, along with her husband, Emperor Constantius III, and their son, Valentinian III, who became Emperor of Western Roman Empire at just age six.

Dante’s Tomb

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Dante’s Tomb

Dante’s Tomb

The final resting place of the internationally famous Italian poet and philosopher Dante Aligheri is located in Ravenna. The author of “The Divine Comedy” was laid to rest in the vestibule of the adjoining Basilica of San Francisco in 1321.

Basilica Of Saint Vitale

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Basilica Of Saint Vitale

Basilica Of Saint Vitale

Marvel at one of the best preserved and most representative examples of Byzantine architecture and art in the world today. The church displays amazing mosaics relating to themes from the Old Testament. Other mosaics represent Emperor Justinian I with his court and Empress Theodora with her attendants.

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Ravenna, Italy At a glance

Current Weather:
10°C / 50 °F
Partly Cloudy (Day)
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Current Time:
11:00:45 pm2018/11/19 23:00:45 pm
Monday, November 19
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Exchange Rates:
  • 0.87
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Local Details:
GPS: 44°25'6.1"N 12°12'12.71"E
Size: 652.00 KM2 (251.74 MI2)
Population: 160,243
Density: 246 Pop/KM2 (95 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: +39

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