Here at Azamara, we pride ourselves on late night or overnight stays on more than half of all our port visits—which is a really good thing if you’ve ever wanted to do more than scratch the tourist surface of the Panama Canal, Central America, and North America.

Because we give you enough time to visit Mayan temples, tropical rainforests, and go zip-lining through a jungle canopy all in the span of a day, and then unwind at a waterfront bar overlooking the Caribbean at night. You can go whale watching, scuba diving, and fishing at some of the best spots in the Western hemisphere, visit the continent’s most dazzling cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites, or simply catch some rays at one of the most beautifully secluded beaches on Earth.

You’ll have enough time to sail down, or up, the Panama Canal—a must do on the bucket list of every cruiser in the world—and then sample your way through California wine country. (But considering the Golden State has over 3,000 wineries, you probably won’t get to try every vintage.) Pair your wine tasting with a journey to British Columbia and the culinary capital of Canada, then continue up the west coast to Alaska, where misty ports and snow-capped mountains welcome you at almost every turn.

With Azamara Club Cruises, you’ll have all the time in the (new) world to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of North America, Central America, and the Panama Canal.

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