While The Beatles may think, “Isn’t it good,” about “Norwegian Wood”, it’s the Norwegian fjords that we love! They are the soul of Norway, the pride of a nation, and best seen by water on an Azamara voyage—especially with our Norwegian Captain Johannes at the helm.

In between the fjords’ waterfalls, glaciers, and dramatic heights and depths, you can also see the Art Nouveau architecture of Alesund, take one of the world’s most exciting railway journeys in Aurland, and watch the King, Queen, and Bishop battle it out for mountain supremacy in Andalsnes. (By the way, those are only a few of the A’s on our alphabetical list of Norwegian attractions. Just think of all the B, C, D and E-is-for-excellent adventures we have in store for you!)

It’s your turn to be like a Viking and join the list of great explorers who have dreamt of foreign lands and embarked on remarkable journeys. Take a voyage to Norway with Azamara Club Cruises®.


  • Travel to the Li Mountain Farm in Aurland to discover the joys of Norwegian farm life and then tuck into a lunch of local specialties in nearby Otternes on an exclusive Cruise Global, Meet LocalSM tour.
  • Go to the top of the world in Tromsø, where Norway’s indigenous people, the Sami, live and maintain their traditional language, culture, and pursuits of fishing, hunting, and reindeer herding.
  • Visit the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, one of Europe’s largest open-air museums, to see 155 traditional houses and buildings from across Norway.


  • Check out our Destination Immersion® Experiences blog to see some spectacular photos of Norway (in addition to some pictures of other Azamara ports of call in Northern Europe).
  • Climb nearly 2,800 feet through the Norwegian countryside on one of the world’s most scenic train rides which runs between Flåm and Myrdal.
  • Don’t miss a “troll car” ride and a short hike to one of Norway’s best-known and most accessible glaciers, Briksdal, located inside Jostedalsbreen National Park near the port of Olden.


  • Sample fresh and flavourful seafood like salmon, trout, and herring, or try something new like reindeer, which appears on many northern menus.
  • Learn about Norwegian specialties from a man who knows great food—our own Captain Johannes Tysse (who is originally from Bergen)—in this entertaining interview with him.
  • Quench your thirst with a pils (a light lager) or lagerøl, which has an alcoholic content of less than 2.5%. Want something stronger? Try akevitt, a potent schnapps dubbed “the water of life”

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