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If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to book an Azamara Club Cruises voyage, that time is now. With our last-minute deals on these voyages, we select the stateroom and you enjoy a Destination Immersion®-filled adventure in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, Northern & Western Europe, and the Holy Land for an incredible value. World-class travel and world-class savings: It’s a great combination. While you’re onboard, we up the value even more with our inclusive amenities.

Azamara's Choice Voyages

With so many exceptional voyages offering great last-minute savings, we thought we’d bring some of our best sailings front and center. From the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean to the ancient beauty of Petra and Luxor, these featured cruises come highly recommended by Azamara officers and staff, and bring you to the living heart of local culture in exotic destinations all over the world.


"From 'Centreville' in Nice to Piraeus in Greece, this cruise takes in some of the most beautiful small ship ports in the area. Two full days on the Amalfi Coast gives you time to truly explore the area, from Pompeii to Positano, Herculeneum to Capri, or even take in the Path of the Gods hike in the hills looking down over Amalfi. When you add this to the other ports we visit this cruise, you get a true feel of the Mediterranean."
- Captain Carl Smith

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"I’ve always been fascinated by Iceland since the first time I went there over 30 years ago. Having been back many times on cruise ships, my wife and I went there on vacation in December last year. Little did we know that the best burgers we have ever tasted would be in Reykjavik, a city with an unexpected and impressive gourmet culinary scene."
- Captain Johannes

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"This voyage gives you three nights in stunning Venice to explore the waterways and piazzas that make this city so intriguing. Take in the Redentore Festival, famed for its hour-long fireworks show, lose yourself in the streets of Kotor, and end your journey on a cliff side drive up the Amalfi Coast for some of the most breathtaking views you've ever seen."
- Managing Director (UK and Ireland) Richard Twynam

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