A city of modern history and traditional culture overflowing with natural beauty.

For one of China’s youngest cities, Dalian is full of history, culture, and more than a few things to see and do. A low-key change of pace from more bustling Chinese cities, it offers the ideal blend of modern history and traditional Chinese culture, all in beautiful natural surroundings.

The history of Dalian is one of colonialism and conquest, having changed hands from British, Russian, and Japanese occupation over the last 100 years. You’ll find influences from all three world powers all over the city, particularly in Zhongshan Square and the nearby town of Lushun.

Dalian is often touted as one of China’s most livable cities—and with a national population of over one billion people, that’s really saying something! Unlike most urban Chinese areas, it’s got a relaxed atmosphere, with lush parks, wide boulevards, and plenty of open squares for people watching. Spend part of the day soaking in the sun on a nearby beach, or take a tour along Binhai Road, reminiscent of The Corniche along the French Riviera.

Because of its location on the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian is home to an abundant array of seafood. Savor snowflake scallops with egg whites and fresh greens, or Dalian-style grilled squid at one of the many restaurants in Xinghai Square.

Lushun (Port Arthur)

Lushun (Port Arthur)

Lushun (Port Arthur)

A short trip from Dalian city, this historic military defense port is a must see for any history-buff. Learn about the Russo-Japanese War and Japan’s colonial history in China, then visit this hillside town’s nature preserve home to free-roaming wildlife.

Xinghai Square

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Xinghai Square

Xinghai Square

An ideal starting point for exploring the city, Xinghai Square is one of the largest city squares in the world and is lined with excellent seafood restaurants, as well as a host of other attractions.

Russian Street

Russian Street

Russian Street

The oldest street in Dalian looks more like Moscow than Northern China. Several Russian-era buildings give the street a unique flair and echo the city’s era of Russian occupation.

Dalian, China at a glance

Dalian, China At a glance

Current Weather:
Mostly Cloudy (Day)
23°C / 73 °F
Partly Cloudy (Day)
Isolated Thundershowers
Fair (Day)
Current Time:
7:02:42 am2018/05/25 07:02:42 am
Friday, May 25
UTC/GMT +08:00
Local Details:
GPS: 38°54'50.41"N 121°36'52.86"E
Size: 13,237.00 KM2 (5,110.83 MI2)
Population: 6,690,400
Density: 505 Pop/KM2 (195 Pop/MI2)
Country Code: +86

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