Celebrate in Copacabana, “the Hottest Spot North of Havana”

Often referred to as “the world’s most famous beach”, Copacabana is a slice of Brazilian paradise. It extends along the residential area of Rio de Janeiro for almost three spectacular miles. And with its combination of lush jungle-clad mountains, historic buildings, lively restaurants and bars, and sun-tanned bodies as a beautiful backdrop, it’s like no other beach on Earth.

New Year’s Eve at Copa is second only to Carnaval in the ranks of Rio’s highly developed party culture. Stunning fireworks at the stroke of midnight welcome the New Year with explosions of color and light. All the buildings that front the beach are aglow in festive tradition.

The wearing of auspicious colors is also a local custom: white for luck, green for good health, yellow, and gold for prosperity, and blue for peace. So color coordinate accordingly for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve with Azamara!


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photo of fireworks at nighttime in copacabana beach brazil


When the clock strikes midnight, the fireworks really start in Copacabana! Witness one of the most elaborate shows in the world, where literally tons of fireworks of every shape and color imaginable are fired from numerous barges strategically placed close to the beach’s shoreline.

Holiday Foods

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beans on ladle near jar

Holiday Foods

Want to ensure a more prosperous year? Eat your lentils! They’re an important, festive foodie tradition when celebrating the New Year in Rio. Pork and fish are also popular holiday choices, and be sure to eat seven raisins or grapes by midnight to set the stage for a good financial year.

Flower Watching

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white and blue boat with flowers on body of water

Flower Watching

Yes, you read that correctly. To honor and celebrate Yemanjá—the goddess of the sea and patron saint of Candomblé fisherman—boats filled with flowers are pushed into Copacabana waters. (If you don’t have any flowers to throw, you can instead offer perfume or mirrors in exchange for Yemanjá’s blessings.)

Copacabana Beach, Brazil At a glance

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