A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words

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Our primal fascination with pictures seems timeless. Pictures capture the reality of a moment and connect us with other dimensions of the human experience. They stimulate our imagination. If we are open to exploring the unfamiliar then there must be other ways of interpreting the world and immersing ourselves in it.

Early cave paintings validate that humans have wanted always to record who they are, what they do and where and how they live.

Cave Paintings

Long ago, it was only up to the painters to record humanity's journey through time and space.

When the camera was invented, we had a new way to share with each other the places we'd seen and the things we'd done, and the ways they had contributed to our minds and spirit.

Now with social media, a new dimension has been achieved that validates the cliché that "a picture really is worth a thousand words." There's no faster way to convey those one thousand words than in an image.

"Photos and Comments from Our AzAmazing Guests"

With that in mind, over the past few weeks, Azamara guests have posted many amazing photos and comments about their voyages on our Facebook page. We wanted to share a few of these with you, and encourage you to visit our Facebook page and share your own photos with us here.

Share Your Own Photos

Cori says: "1 Azamara cruise = eager for more. 4 Azamara cruises = Azamara addiction!!!!"

John says: "Azamara Quest Black Sea and Greek Islands was a dream. Was about my 35th cruise and the service was exceedingly good. Maybe the best ever."

Sharon says: "Looking forward to our Azamara Vietnam cruise next week. How exciting!"

Joyce says: "Took my 4 daughters on a "celebration of life" cruise-fantastic!"

Maureen says: "Absolutely the best cruise line I have ever travelled on!!"

Bruce says: "I have a countdown on my computer until our next cruise."


Joyce says: "This is a title page that my daughter Nancy created for us to use for our cruise photo albums."

Azamara Club Cruises Greek Islands 2011 Album Cover

Sharon says: "Hong Kong Skyline from the Quest at Harbour City."

Hong Kong Shoreline

Laurie says: "Azamara Quest - Canary Islands, November 17 - An iPhone 5 picture of the newly refitted ship."

Azamara Quest Canary Islands

Andrea says: "The one & only Portofino, Italy."

Portofino, Italy

Kathy says: "Azamara Quest. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro."

Azamara Quest - Bay of Kotor

I think it's more fun to talk in pictures rather than have to read my suggestions about how you should think and feel about a certain destination. It's a new shorthand: Picture > Mind-set.

Please share your destination immersion memories on our Facebook page!

Bill Leiber

Chief Blogging Officer*
Azamara Club Cruises
(*CBO is an authorized and compensated representative of ACC)

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