With Azamara you can follow your curiosity to the far corners of the earth. What’s more, our smaller ships are able to anchor in secluded ports and venture into unspoilt areas, offering you unrivalled choices wherever you choose to sail. The cultural riches of the Mediterranean. Exotic Asia. Vibrant South America. The sun-blessed Caribbean. All that’s left to ask is: Where in the world would you like to go?

And with nearly half of all Azamara port stops featuring overnight or late night stays, you'll have plenty of time to explore and experience the advantages of longer and later stays in port. At each destination, we'll take you far beyond the ordinary with Land Discoveries®, immersive shore excursions that take you deep into local culture with one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout your voyage, you'll enjoy Azamara's exceptional service, welcoming warmth and luxury, plus many complimentary extras. In short, every Azamara voyage combines sophisticated sailing with authentic cultural experiences that deepen your understanding and appreciation of our amazing world.

Featured Destination: North America

From sunny California to the heart of Mexico, and from exciting eastern Canada to sweet home Alabama and the Big Easy, we'll take you to some of the most dazzling destinations in North America.

Mediterranean and Black Sea Cruises

Soak up the sun aboard your boutique cruise ship or venture ashore to discover hidden gems in places like majestic Istanbul, seductive Seville, charismatic Barcelona and the historic ports of the Black Sea.

Northern & Western Europe Cruises

Discover Europe, old and new. Follow the maze of canals in Amsterdam, stroll along the magnificent historic harbour in Lisbon or marvel at the architectural metropolis of Copenhagen. Wherever you go, watch the past come to life.

Asia & The Pacific Cruises

Voyage to the faraway lands of Asia for a truly exotic adventure. Absorb the contrast of extraordinarily modern cities, traditional temples, and striking natural beauty in Bangkok, Vung Tau, Puson, Kyoto and beyond.

West Indies Cruises

Soak up the sheer tranquility of our Caribbean destinations. Each isle offers its own take on heaven—timeless beauty, beaches to die for, stately palms, spicy rums, and a heady blend of colonial European and local influences.

Panama Canal & Central America Cruises

Discover a new world, from Colombia to Nicaragua and beyond, where the man-made marvel of the Panama Canal competes with equally impressive natural wonders such as lush jungles, exotic wildlife, pristine beaches and much more.

Australia & New Zealand Cruises

Join us as we sail to the Great Barrier Reef and the dazzling diversity of the Land Down Under. And onwards to picture-perfect New Zealand, with its lakes and rugged mountains, not forgetting wines renowned the world over.

Featured Destination: Dubai

Explore the incredible wonders of dazzling Dubai, where everything is the biggest, tallest, and the first of its kind, including man-made islands shaped like palm trees and the world’s first underwater hotel.