Mediterranean Cruises

Azamara’s Mediterranean cruises give you access to a world of cultural discovery. As the ship descends upon the vibrant shores, passengers can ease into their adventure in decadence and style. No Mediterranean adventure would be complete without destination inspired culinary indulgences drawn heavily from the fragrant Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, to the hedonistic port of Barcelona – offering  passengers only the finest cuisine and five star service. Feast in any of our fine onboard restaurants or treat yourself to a full spa treatment, world class cocktail lounges. The options are virtually endless.

Your Mediterranean Cruise

Prepare for a whirlwind of sights and sounds as you explore ancient cultural sites. Follow paths once used by warriors as you explore the origins of classical civilization.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul boasts a rich cultural history that’s on display at every turn. Explore the exotic world of bustling bazaars and local markets. Discover the charm of old world city where ancient architecture and incredible shopping opportunities abound.

Seville, Spain

Wonder down the narrow, medieval streets of this vibrant and historical Andalusian capital. Rich in culture, the city is the birthplace of Spain's two distinctive trademarks; Flamenco and bullfighting. Not to mention Europe's biggest Semana Santa festival, bringing extravagance and excitement during the Easter period.

Itea, Greece

The small seaside city of Itea boasts magnificent views of Parnassus as well as the Peloponnese Peninsula. A cultural hub, this popular location decorated with many taverns, bars and hidden paths that lead visitors to authentic Greek must-sees.

Barcelona, Spain

From the moment you set foot on its cobbled streets, Barcelona will charm and astound you. The city is a cultural melting pot. Experience its architecture, plazas and people at your leisure.

With each Mediterranean cruise holiday, there are a number of ports and cities that stop along the coast, a chance to explore the destination highlights with Land Discoveries, arrange pre and post hotel stays and attend key events at your destination.

Our Mediterranean Cruises Experience

With only 700 passengers on board each one of Azamara’s Mediterranean cruises, you can expect warm, efficient service from the moment you step aboard. Our unrivalled attention to detail ensures that you travel in ultimate comfort while taking in the splendour of both the ship and its destinations.

Experience the best of the Med this season; book your Mediterranean cruise holiday today.

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