Dubai Cruises

Camel in Dubai Desert
Allow yourself to unwind and relax aboard one of our luxurious Dubai cruises on your next holiday. An all-inclusive fee allows you to remain within your budget. Azamara Club Cruises provides passengers with unrivalled attention to detail and levels of service, not to mention the opportunity to live like royalty for the duration of your Dubai cruise.

Your Dubai Cruise

City of Dubai

Dubai is as phenomenal as the rumours would have you believe. Allowing you to ski, swim in the ocean or shop to your heart’s content, Dubai offers something for everyone. Dubai is a young city that has been designed in accordance with the same principles as Azamara’s cruises: sheer luxury is the foremost consideration.


Home to some of the world’s finest and most revered hotels, including the Burj Al Arab, this affluent Dubai coastal town leaves visitors in awe of human ingenuity. The town doesn’t only consist of hotels; visitors are also encouraged to visit the Jumeirah Mosque, which is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslim visitors.

Our Dubai Cruises Experience

Man’s engineering spirit, resolve and desire for opulence is on display around every corner in Dubai. What better way to experience it than on the deck of some of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world? Our Dubai Cruises offers passengers the opportunity to indulge in world class cuisine, fine wine and lively entertainment. For more information about cruises to Dubai or to book a luxury cruise, get in touch with us today.

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